Thrillseeker’s Mantra

Submitted by: Derek Wanner

*This will inspire you* A four minute video featuring some of the most spectacular human feats ever recorded. Defying death has never looked as beautiful.

Edited by Derek Wanner.
Music: Noah Francis – Immortal (Live from Abbey Road)
Available now at iTunes:
This was made in complete awe and admiration for the extreme athletes who feature in this video. Please take the time to watch the original videos, which are truly some of the most amazing on YouTube.

Jeb Corlis flying the crack (Wing-Suit by Tony Suits the X-Wing)

Freefall (Guillaume Nery base jumping at Dean’s Blue Hole, filmed on breath hold by Julie Gautier)

Terje’s First Descent (Terje Haakonsen going down 7601)

Worlds biggest wave ever surfed ( Mike Parsons final wave at Jaws. From Billabong Odyssey)