Tempest TV S2Ep2 – Art of Motion TOKYO

Submitted by: Tempest Freerunning

Join Tempest TV as we bring you Red Bull Art of Motion JAPAN! The competition took place July 31st 2011 in Yokohama City, Tokyo! It was an incredibly fun and exciting event with 19 of some of the worlds best athletes coming together and gaining that special bond that only the Art of Motion can bring you. Tempest TV captured how much fun it is to work together, jam, and be lucky enough to be a part of the one and only Red Bull Art of Motion! Resultsl: 1) Jason Paul 2) Pasha Petkun 3) Kie Willis 4) Slava Petin 5) Zen Shimada 6) Lukas Steiner 7) Marcus Gustafsson 8)Ryan Doyle and

Best Female: Luci Romberg Remaining Athletes: Tim Shieff, Jupei Yakuwa, Masaru Sakakibara, Ryosuke Iwamoto, Masahiro Aoki, Shunta Shirai, Hanaho Yukihiro, Pamela Obiniana, Kostya Kachurin, Shaun Wood
Special Thanks to Nico Wlcek, Timothy O’Donell, Arnie Ueno, Rowan Arte, Masa Suzuki and Judges: Patrick Morawetz, Chase Armitage, Tabito Okayasu, Victor Lopez

Edited By: Nick Goehner ( businessofimagination.com )