SKYLINERS – A Documentary by Seb Montaz

Submitted by: Mateo Gaitan

sebmontaz.compresents a documentary about our passion for highlining, made by highliners.We have been filming and sharing uniques moments together for 18 months.
It has been a great experience for me and I wanted to share some of these moments with you through a documentary.
I hope you will be inspired and send a line one day !NEW ! 16th nov: Hy Guys, thanks for watching. I just posted a new ” Girl’s only !” Highline video at​15833440It is entirely free, you are more than welcome to share this film.filmed and edited by Seb Montaz.Please come and visit my new born adventure video blog: sebmontaz.comLocation: Mont Blanc range, french Alps.Online ressources:
the ” Bad Slackliners Team” and their generous blog​2010/​08/​france-martinswand-alsace-soleil-fuyant.htmlAerials by Mathias Lopez & Dino Raffault: merci !


the butcher’s ballroom/ gunpowder chant
chasing rabbits/down the rabbit hole
jemex/ song for someone
drunksouls / pain of life​fr/​album/​1052