Submitted by Brad

Director: Tilman Singer

Original photography:

Monster Skateboard Magazine:
- Fabian Lang by Eric Mirbach
- Jake Johnson by Jon Mehring
- Jan Hofer by Mikendo
- Lance Mountain by Ray Zimmermann
- Stephan Guenther by Eric Mirbach
- Jean Feil

Place Magazine:
- Lem Villemin by Flo Renner
- Manny Santiago by Joe Krolick
- Niklas Speer by Kappeln by Adam Sello
- Thomas Weber by Daniel Wagner
- Enrique Lorenzo by Roger Ferrero
- Sven Kilchenmann by Lukas Mäder
- Valerie Rosomako by Henrik Biemer

Unfortunately I cannot provide an exact list of photographers being responsible for the photography in the fist place. I found some of the photography on the web, in Foundations That’s Life and in skateboard magazines such as Limited Skateboarding Magazine, Monster Skateboard Magazine and Place Magazine. Thanks to everyone who made this little video possible!