Submitted by Brad

Monster Energy is proud to launch its second skate RED Epic Cam Series featuring Shane O’Neill who was filmed at the first 2012 Street League Skateboarding™ contest in Kansas City where he breaks down his endless motivation and passion for technical skateboarding through progression.

“What keeps me skating and what makes me enjoy it and love it and keeps it fun…is just progression to me,” said O’Neill. “I have so many trick ideas for myself that I just want to try…it’s endless with skateboarding.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia and regarded as one of the most technical skateboarders in the game, O’Neill exploded on the US skate scene a few years ago and quickly skated his way to respect, rising to the top of the street skating scene.

“I first started skating because I saw a kid down the street skating and I thought, wow that looks amazing and I just kept going from there and made it to here somehow,” said O’Neill.

Included amongst the elite top 24 best skateboarders in the world, O’Neill is a leading competitor in the exclusive Street League competition where the most respected street skateboarders in the world compete on real courses that emulate city streets.

Shooting at 120 frames per second — this video captures O’Neill’s fluid and technical style while featuring a unique sound design with no music creating an enhanced audio and video experience.

Not afraid to throw down ledge tricks for his first try during contests O’Neill is known to successfully land tricks that have never been done before. He has captured this on film with some of the best video parts in skateboarding.

A humble guy who is in it to just skate ends with: “I’m just a skateboarder, I’m just loving it you know, lucky…definitely.”