Seven days Italy – Europe Journey 4/5

Keep in mind car towing can be dangerous. You must stay on the ground and use a special release system!

Probably one of the biggest trips 24/7 of the season and the crew didn’t miss some good Gelati in Rome.
First time on tape: Pál Takáts’ idea of the Bullride, a multi connection of a Misty Tumbling and Helico sticked by our French member Tim Alongi (yellow/blue Thriller 16m²) CHECK IT OUT!
Supported by: Ogger (orange/green emilie 15m²)
Nochez (white/blue Thriller 16m²)
Denzler (yellow/red Radix 16m²)
Kahn (yellow/blue gloryfy Thriller 16m²)
Oehl (orange/green emilie 17m²)

Gueststar on tour: Felix ‘El Toro’ Rodriguez

It was a wild session, there were some dust on the camera sensors, but who cares, the crew wants to share this images with you.

Pizza, Pasta, Amore!

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