Scorch & Wood – Phantom Camera Short

Submitted by Brandon Baldwin

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So a couple months ago, we had this amazing opportunity to go film with the Powell-Peralta skate team in Los Angeles. This is the first of several videos we filmed with them, but is also the craziest. We filmed two separate takes of the team ollying straight through a fountain of fireworks! Crazy right?! Of course we captured it all in high speed, all the shots in the video range from 1500FPS to 6900FPS all shot in 720p HD by the Phantom V12.1 camera by Vision Research.

I can honestly say the the Powell crew is one of the most talented out there, so keep a wide eye open for their new film coming this fall “Rip the Ripper”. Its gonna be gnarly!

Check out their YouTube Channel/Website here

Skaters (In Order of Appearance)

Steven Reeves
Brad McClain
Chad Bartie
Josh Hawkins
Jordan Hoffart
Aldrin Garcia

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Edit: Darren Dyk
Phantom Operation: Brandon Baldwin and Darren Dyk
B-Roll & Production Assistance: Nigel Barros

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Music: ‘Blood Keys’ by AMERICAN ROYALTY
Album: Matchstick
Label: Guns in the Sun
Label Site:

Special Thanks to Deville Nunes and Terry LaRue for helping organize the shoot.

Also, thanks to San Pedro Skatepark Association for access to this awesome location. Anyone interested in learning more about them or donating to the cause can check them out at