Raindrops Are Falling On My Racetrack

Submitted by: Ralf Becker

“Faust & Heisler portrays the German hot rod scene.”

Last year we missed it. But it seemed certain: We had to go there! The gallery on rustndust.de looked promising, so we were looking forward to this event for nearly one year. After our successful debut: “Chromjuwelen En Route” it was for sure, that we wouldn´t just go there as spectators.
We wanted to do a movie about this great race. Unfortunately we underestimated the “summer” of 2011. The race was canceled due to rain. Lots of rain. And rain again..
Velvetone, a great band from Northern Germany who was also playing at the gathering, kindly shared one of their songs with us:
“Pine Cone”
Performed by Velvetone
Written by Lüers/Merck/Ulrich/Wittke
Published by Elbmusikverlag, GEMA

Thanks to the organizers!

Thanks to all in front of the camera!

Thanks to Ralf Becker chromjuwelen.com
Thanks to Johannes Rabe panther.tv