Powellooza 2011 by LiveUnbound

Submitted by Brad

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We’re a group of people that travel to incredible places and do crazy activities (usually dangerous and definitely entertaining). LiveUnbound is doing what you love everyday and overcoming whatever it is that’s stopping you from doing that. There are many reasons why people can’t experience joy every day. It could be going to a job you don’t love but need the money or in more extreme cases being controlled by powers that take away your freedom.

Our goal is to give happiness to those who have been deprived of it. Not just by inspiring people through videos but we want to take them on our trips and document their experience.

If you are interested please comment on the facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/LiveUnbound) and share your story. Are you unable to experience joy on a regular basis and why? Also if you have found a way to live a happy fulfilled life then share how you accomplished that. Or just share your opinions :)

LiveUnbound was inspired by the comments to this video. Here is one that seems to sum it all up:

“Although that I’am from a third would country and i will never have the chance to have fun and enjoy life as much as these people do, although that my youth will be wasted without having one moment of such a happy joy, I’am glad that there are humans whom their luck was so fortunate to them to allow them to have what I have been denied.”

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Powellooza is an annual event in Lake Powell AZ. It’s about 150 (mostly Mormons) people get together for 3 days about 20 miles boat ride in a secluded small island. All food/water is provided and some people sleep in houseboats and some pitch tents.

0:160:42 “We Are Your Kids Friends” (Dino Roc & DJ CJ Remix)
0:421:36 Shwayze “You Could Be My Girl”
1:453:19 Awolnation “Sail”
3:455:15 Aer “What You Need”
5:205:30 The Naked and Famous “Punching in a Dream”
6:006:30 Flo Rida “Turn Around” Remix
6:40 – End David Guetta Feat. Kid Cudi “Memories”