PARKOUR Luxembourg

Submitted by Brad

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
George Bernard Shaw

Parkour Luxembourg
Freerun , Art of Motion.

Directed & edited by Stephane B.
Assistant Camera
Machinist Joe & Olivier

Simon Nogueira
Christophe Picot

Thanks to

Diogo Vladimir Bastos
Didier Goossens
Domenico Gallo
Patrick Relecom
Maxime Solinas
Daniel De Oliveira
Charles Monteverdi
Hélène Marchon
Gérald Vettori

M83 Moonchild

Shot in Luxembourg, February 2012.

Special thanks to all the athletes from Freerun, Parkour all around the world who inspire me for making this video, specially Claudiu Voicu and the Storm Freerun team for their amazing videos but also Jason Paul, Team Farang, Yohann Leroux and Ryan Doyle.