Parkour / FreeRunning – The best of 3RUN

Submitted by Brad

3RUN Showreel 2010 Free Running, Parkour, Martial Arts and Acrobatic stunt team. Produced by 3RUN Media ltd.

3RUN are the World renowned Action team providing Action sequences for Feature Films, Commercials, Live shows and Events across the Globe! With 10 years of Experience and a reputation for some of the most passionate athletes in the game.
Directed by Chase Armitage
Edited by Chase Armitage & Cane Armitage
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3RUN 2010

Chase Armitage
Cole Armitage
Cane Armitage
Sam Parham
Curtis Small
Shaun Andrews
Adam Brawshaw
Chloe Bruce
Fabio Santos
James Stokes
Nathan Barris
Mat Kaye
Mat Armitage
Mike Wlson
Scott Young

Music by:
Example – Kickstarts (Bar 9 Remix)
Pendulum – Self v.s Self
John B. – Numbers (Camo and Krooked Remix)


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