Paintball Warfare – Epic Paintball Battle

Submitted by Brad

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I’ll be coming out with a video tomorrow on the making of this, check it out on my second channel!

My friend Stephen Anderson wrote the music for this video! Make sure to check out Stephen’s website in the link below!

And a super huge THANK YOU to my friends who helped make this video happen!!! Especially Dallin Smith, Creigton Baird, and Austin Baird.

Cinematography by:
Devin Graham
Jace Leroy
Chris McClain

Color Correction by Jacob Schwarz

This video was shot with Canon 5D Mark III, and Contour cameras. For lenses we used Canon 16-35mm F/2.8 L series lenses and Canon 70-200mm F/2.8. Almost everything was shot with an ISO of 100, and shutter of 1/4000.

My friend Jace Leroy who always shoots with me put together an edit just from the Contour cameras we used. You can check that video out in this link below.

We had AWESOME sponsors that helped make this video happen! Without them, none of this would have. Here is how each company contributed!

Nitro Circus –
They hooked us up with their stunt drivers, and trophy cars!!! They were the ones they took the jump over the other car! And they let us use their property to film on! They have a full length feature film coming out soon! So check it! :)

Spyder –
They provided a ton of paintball guns and mask, and even technicians to help if we ran into any problems.

Nelson –
They hooked us up with 100,000 paintballs for this!!! HUGE HELP!

MBS Mountain Boards –
They provided awesome mountain boarder stunt people!

Guerilla Air – Gave us all the tanks, if we say something in the BTS video for the tanks, or just comments, either is fine. They’re totally cool with whatever, the only thing they asked was “if we could just get some credit for helping on the film.”

Also, if you want to know more about the vechicle we used that was flying around in the sky shooting down, you can check them out here!

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