“Moving Forward” from Brain Injury

Submitted by Steve Hubbard:


A little over one year ago I was in Montana at Benefis hospital living with the help of several machines. Suffering a traumatic brain injury, January 3rd of 2011, has been the most challenging and difficult time in my life. It’s absolutely crazy to think about everything that my family and friends have been through since my accident. Watch as we documented everything surrounding my accident before, during and after. All my hard work paid off and I got to return to snowboarding just one year after my injury. I hope you can find inspiration in my story as I have found it in many of you through your continued support, love and encouragement. Continue to do what you love but please be safe!
~ Danny

This full-length film has been over a year in the making following the journey of Danny Toumarkine after suffering from a traumatic brain injury on January 3rd of 2011.

Danny and his brother Conor had shared a dream of creating a season long snowboarding video for nearly 15 years. After starting a production company called Shreddy Times in 2007, together they documented Danny’s path to stardom within the snowboard industry. While filming in Montana, with a group of close friends, Danny fell on a routine jump and hit his head. After nearly two weeks in a medically induced coma, four brain surgeries and thirty-three days later, Danny was discharged from the hospital.

Watch, as Danny overcomes the most challenging and difficult time of his life. With epic documentation of Danny’s near death experience, this video takes you through the ups and downs of his recovery process.

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I Love Monsters – “Rzescue”
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Oddisee — “Skipping Rocks”
Lee Coulter — “The Rendezvous”
Con Bro Chill — “Power Happy”
Marc B — “Forgiven”