Maybe You Should Rise

Submitted by William

Michael Jordan has a few words of wisdom for Lebron, in this mash up of Nike’s wonderful ad’s “Maybe” and “Rise”.

Created by: Tom Hinueber

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Now that we’re past a million views I find a more in depth description appropriate. First off I am amazed at the volume of people watching and the overall positive reaction to the mash-up. Most of you have heard the message I was conveying, but if you didn’t it’s this. If you want anything in basketball, or in life you have to work for it. Struggle and sacrifice create that “fire” Jordan was talking about. If your stomach is full you have no hunger. For years the media fed Lebron James a free meal he didn’t deserve, one of greatness without actual accomplishment. This video isn’t saying he can never be great, it’s saying put up or shut up. If ever there was one… now is the time to rise.

If you read the original description, this is in fact a mash-up and I never represented it as anything but. Counting all the views on stolen videos we are well over 2 million in just 6 days, a lot of the titles on the stolen videos are things like “Michael Disses Lebron” Which tells me people might get the wrong impression. So I’m setting the record straight, this is not affiliated with Nike, Lebron, Michael Jordan or any of their brands. This was created by myself, Tom Hinueber as an artistic expression. That being said I appreciate everything you’ve been saying in the comments section and will be making more videos shortly when I’m not swamped with work and school.

Thank you all, as a film student working hard at his craft, I cannot tell you how inspiring some of your comments have been to me.

Continue to enjoy and spread the word!

If you are an intellectual property lawyer for Nike please read the following- I am a fan of Nike and their wonderful ad campaigns, which is why I decided to create this video. I consider this video to be fair use, and an artistic expression which transcends both of the original commercials used to create it.