Longboarding – Swirling Samas

Submitted by Max

Celebrating the release of the new Dervish Sama, the Loaded crew took an adventure to Northern California for a spiritual journey and flowy riding through the lush redwood forests. Five years after the release of the original Dervish, the Dervish Sama carries on its predecessor’s drop-through carving legacy while inspiring new riding directions with its twin kicks, wider and more concave platform, and purposeful griptape design. In Swirling Samas, three riders (Ari, Trevor, and Max) with totally different riding styles weave and spin their way through a variety of beautiful scenery. Camera work is focused on details and fluid lines.

To learn more about our new board: http://loadedboards.com/2012/05/the-dervish-sama

To see behind the scene filming and recap of the trip – http://loadedboards.com/2012/05/swirling-samas-official-dervish-sama-video/

Ari (Black shirt) Dervish Sama Flex 1, Otang 83a Stimulus, Purple Otang Nipples
Max (Long Hair) Dervish Sama Flex 2, Otang 86a Stimulus, Purple Otang Nipples
Trevor (Blue shirt) Dervish Sama Flex 1, Otang 86a Stimulus, Purple Otang Nipples

Filmed – Adam S., Adam C., Arian Chamasmany, Trevor Baird
Edited – Adam C.

-Atlas 30 slider
-Atlas FLT slider
-Durus Follow Focus

-DP4 monitor

Canon Cameras
-5D & 7D

Canon Lenses