‘In Finer Detail’

Submitted by InfinityList

a Marc Whitelaw Showreel

2012 chose to be a particularly challenging year as I Graduate from Vancouver Film Schools 3D Animation & VFX program with Honors. This year saw me working closely with class mates and Mentors to create my first 3d Integrated VFX piece.

With help from Jan Klompje, (Brightside Cinema) who took care of the Cinematography, We used his 2 Red Epic Cameras and a set of Zeiss C.P 2 Compact Primes to capture the skills of Tyrone Koeller, the lead skater in the video.

Ryan Whitelaw along with his team Julian & Etienne van Wyk from Frequency Farm Studios, sculpted and designed the sound track for ‘In Finer Detail’. Working cross-continents every step of the way, from scratch track to mastered version. Plug in some decent head phones and listen to the audio geniuses that make up Frequency Farm Studios.

Production Crew: Marc Whitelaw, Jan Klompje, Tyrone Koeller, Justin Huta, Justin Giles, Andrew Paxson, Nathan Weiner, Werner toe Hoeve.

Skateboard Rig by: Amir Ronen

Frequency Farm Studios
Production Team: Ryan Whitelaw, Julian van Wyk, Etienne van Wyk

Brightside Cinema
Cinematographer: Jan Klompje