I Believe I can Fly. Free segment

Hey Outdoor Lovers,

A 40 minutes Feature documentary will be available on November 11 for download on my video blog sebmontaz.com.
We would like to offer you this excerpt from our feature documentary -

Highlining pioneers Tancrede and Julien have come to the spectacular and atmospheric cliffs of the norwegian fjords to try and turn their ultimate dream into reality.

The talented pair have cemented their friendship over the past years exploring the sport of highlining, from the heights of the alps to the skyscrapers of Paris.

They now prepare to take their sport in a totally new and radical direction.
Join this unique group of friends on their journey to discover the true meaning of freedom.
Where living simply, laughing, having fun and exploring new places are all essential ingredients in their voyage into the unknown.

Proceeds will go towards the Frenchies’ next exciting adventure.

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Director/Editor: Sébastien Montaz-Rosset
Sound design: Michael Denny michaeldennymusic.com/

Music kindly offered by

Uddhava facebook.com/​Mattouaki

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