The HTC One Freefall Fashion Shoot

Submitted by Hossein Tehrani

“Roberta Mancino” Sky Diver
Now that’s what we call a photo chute! Skydiving model takes high fashion to new extremes with mid-air makeover

HTC has taken the concept of high fashion to an entirely new height – 14,000-ft to be exact.
A model dressed in futuristic gear skydiving in the Arizona desert stars in a new TV commercial for the telecommunications manufacturer’s One mobile handset.
Amazing behind-the-scenes photos of Roberta Mancino, a model and professional skydiver, being touched up by a make-up artist mid-air have well and truly stolen the limelight from the phone.
A-list make-up artist Adam J Breuchaud, who has worked on Anne Hathaway, Elizabeth Olsen and Felicity Jones in the past, was briefed to create a look that would sustain winds of up to 120 miles per hour.
First class appeal: A-list make-up artist Adam J Breuchaud designed the look and ensured the model’s make up could endure the extreme conditions
‘One of the difficult things was having the eye make-up move around the face at those fast speeds,’ he said. ‘It’s quite a time constraint to keep it looking fresh and new every time.
He said there was no way the look would have worked had they decided not to retouch as she was falling through the air.

Roberta Mancino is one of the top skydivers in the world and a model who has completed 7000 jumps in her 11 year career. She regularly participates in world-record events and global productions in various skydiving disciplines including free-flying, freestyle, wing suit, base jump.
“I love Roberta Mancino,and her Life Stile.”