High Line Slack Line with Good Line

Submitted by Mickey Wilson

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Special thanks to Gibbon Slacklines for their support and to Josh Beaudoin and Mickey Wilson for their professionalism and athletic display. Find out more about slacklining at

Super thanks to Mike Duthrie, Jason Gerrard, and Taylor Mackay at Hansen Mountaineering for helping produce this video as well as rig and insure the safety of everybody involved. To purchase slack line products and other outdoor equipment, visit

Extra lenses provided by the good folks down at Allens’ Camera @

Aerial photography provided by PixAir Productions. Very grateful they were willing to hike up the mountain with us. Find them at

Special Super thanks to everyone who helped us haul 1000′s of lbs of equipment (and a small helicopter) up a cliff.

All rigging, slackline-walking, filming, breathing, sweating, and complaining during the hike up was done by professionals; in other words, we all came out safe because of the responsible approach we had to this production. If you want to learn how to slackline safely, please reach out to the people at Gibbon Slacklines or Hansen Mountaineering.