Freebord BEV2011

Submitted by Stephen Diaz:

An experimental edit of sorts. Focusing more on the auditory experience, first then the visuals last. Make sure to watch it full screen with some good headphones (with left and right channels) you’ll know they work if you can hear the intro fade from left to right and back a few times. Audio can make or break a film, it is a huge part of the cinematic experience that is so often overlooked.

For more info on how the video was made continue reading.

The 2.5D timelapse sections were done in Photoshop, Motion and Final Cut Pro. If any of you guys are wondering how to do it you can find a tutorial by searching “kid stays in the picture tutorial” in google. It is a little time consuming, but I think it’s worth it in the end! You basically make a freeze frame of the image you want, cut out the foreground the mid ground and the background in photoshop. Fill in the sections that you cut out in each with the stamp tool. Then in motion you put the layers in 3D space and then create a camera move that moves towards or away from them. This creates the 2.5D effect and from there you can adjust the keyframes of the sky to make it look like it’s timelapsing.

The 2500fps slow motion sections were done in Motion using Optical Flow [not as good as twixtor, but gets the job done :D]

Song is used by permission from RUSKO.

BIG shout out to the dudes at freebord, miss every single one of you! My bord is gettin dusty but hopefully will get some use once I get less busy!!