Extreme Sports Meet Extreme Photography

Submitted by Kyle

Andy Lewis and Scott Rogers take the challenge to complete 365 missions (an average of a highline, a BASE jump, or a NEW climb per day) in the year 2013.

SkySightRC, Monkey Den Media, and Slackline Media all coordinated together to film and edit a teaser of the potential we expect from the entire year!~ Over the last week we have compiled some footage of our latest missions.

The only problem is… its just a teaser.;) Enjoy just a taste of what to expect from 2013.

Jumps- What Jump, Tombstone, Smash Brothers, Welshman’s, Low rent
Highlines- Mario (30m), Luigi (35m), ill-BO-BAGGINS (80m)

Riggers for Mario/Luigi: Andy Lewis, Scott Rogers
Rigger for ill-BO-Baggins: Andy Lewis, Daniel Moore
Highline Walkers: Andy, Scotty, Brian Mosbaugh
BASE Jumpers: Andy, Scotty, Daniel Moore
Heli Team: Larkin Carey, James Jensen, Soren Jensen (
Outside Video: Scott Rogers, Brian Mosbaugh

Twitter – @MRSlackline

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