Beat Control

This is a short film about the urban aspect of rollerblading. We filmed this during the summer of 2010 in the city of Hamburg, Germany. Got a big amount of footage, but in the end it all summed up in Beat Control, a video of practical length for the internet’s short attention span.

It mainly features the skating of Alex Deutschmann, Maurice Regnaut and Mark Stamer. It also features the likes of Philipp Preuss, Mirco Helbing, Max Visser, Marvin Tunnat, Philipp Köhler, Pawel Wieleba, Christoph Böttcher, Jan Navitski and Sidney Hansen.

Additional filming by Ahmed Amor and Christoph Böttcher

Thanks to everybody for busting their asses and helping to make this video!

Turn up the volume, click on HD and enjoy!

Check out the story to it on​article/​1635-BEAT-CONTROL-A-film-by-Karsten-Boysen

1. Bonobo – Kiara
2. Ratatat – Drugs
3. The Gltich Mob – Animus Vox