Basejumping with the Skyliners

Submitted by brad

BASE jumping has progressed leaps and bounds as one of the world’s most death-defying and extreme sports. Unlike the sport of skydiving, BASE jumping’s integration of low-altitude jumps often require on to take into careful consideration wind directions, landings and of course parachute deployments. However dangerous this is, enter The Skyliners, a collective who go beyond just BASE jumping to incorporate a further element of climbing and highlining. The French collective has added an ever impressive dynamic in the realm of extreme sports.

Paired with the robust and innovative Casio G’zOne Commando smartphone, the G’z GEAR suite of apps provides the perfect companion for The Skyliners and Sébastien Brugall. Features including compasses, a step counter, trip memory, the ability to log your training and runs, as well as a thermometer among other features ensure regardless of your whereabouts, functionality is always considered. We follow The Skyliners from start to finish as they scale the mountain-side and ultimately complete their BASE jump thanks in part to the Casio G’zOne Commando. For more information, head over either the Casio G’zOne website, the Facebook page for daily updates and the Hypebeast Microsite for a series of action-packed videos.

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