Airshow in Penza. Aerobatic Team Russia

Submitted by Andrei

Engineering company STALFORM A film about the performance aerobatic team Russia at the celebration of the city of Penza.

September 15 Rus aerobatic team took the exhibition program in Penza in celebration of City Day. With us flew our friends – aerobatic team “The first flight»

On the bank of the river Sura worked at Sprout stand Rus aerobatic team, where you could get information about the group, watch a film about the colorful performances of group, photographed in aviation helmets. All our young guests were presented with balloons with symbols pilotazhanoy groups and icons!

Administration of Penza and personally head of the city administration Chernov RB expressed to all the staff Rus aerobatic team sincere gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for the active participation in the celebrations of the 349th anniversary of the founding of the city of Penza.

Engineering company STALFORM A film about the performance aerobatic team Russia at the bottom of Penza. In making the film:

Cinematographer Andrew Mitya (STALFORM Engineering)

Aerial shooting
Cameras on the fuselage below:
Anatoly Marunko (leading aerobatic team “Rus”)
Stanislav Dremov (lead singer, right Slave)

The camera on the side of the fuselage: Michael Colle (left wingman)

The cameras in the cabin:
Anatoly Marunko (leading aerobatic team “Rus”)
Nicholas Stallions (tail driven, left wingman)
Nikolai Alekseev (right slave)
Michael Colle (left wingman)

Take a cab from Andrew Mitya (STALFORM Engineering)

Film Editing by Andrew Mitya (STALFORM Engineering)

Music: Frederik Wiedmann

Colored smoke: Vladimir Davidovich

The film was created by “STALFORM Engineering”

Aerobatic Team RUSSIA

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From 27 to 30 September aerobatic team performs in Kiev, at the 8th International Aviation and Space Show “AVIASVIT-XXI”. Space Show in Kiev, Gostemel. Aerodorom Kiev Antonio. An-225 Mriya Antonov Russia Escort 225 “Mriya”