A Day with Tim, Kie & Pip

Submitted by Claudiu Voicu

##### Nokia Lumia 900 Competition #####
We’ve got 3 Lumia’s to give away in various competitions. For details on the first comp read our blog post here: http://www.ihbmedia.com/2012/07/a-day-with-tim-kie-pip-pureview

The comp is open to anyone, anywhere in the world

A 2D only (and much higher quality if you’re not watching in 3D) version is here:

This video was shot entirely on 2 Nokia mobile phones with PureView camera technology and is best watched with 3D Vision – although it has been tested with Red/Blue glasses as well.

If you’re having problems watching the video in HTML5 3D, you can watch it on 3D VISION LIVE (Req Silverlight):

If you prefer to watch using NVIDIA 3D Vision Video Player – or on an alternative player/device, here’s a download link for the Half-SBS (Left Eye first) h264 file:

We were challenged to see how we could use the mobile phones – the Pureview 808 in this case – and this was the result! Very impressive phones to say the least.

Timothy ‘Livewire’ Shieff – @TimothyShieff – user/99timshi
Kie Willis – @KieParkour – user/kieparkour
Pip Anderson – @Piptrix – user/piptrix

Film by:
Claudiu Voicu @ClaudiuVoicu – ihbmedia.com / claudiu.co.uk

Black Keys – Lonely Boy