Fjellsportfestivalen 2013 Best off

Submitted by Maxime

Et utdrag av filmane som har blitt produsert og vist under Fjellsportfestivalen 2013
Best off klipp: Anita Vedå
Foto: Heidi Kysnes Høyheim, Anita Vedå, Adrien Shams Nisan, Håvard Nesbø, Øystein Røen, Stefan David Witts, Vegar Wathne Bøyum, Torkjel Solbraa, Bård Basberg, Synne Asheim Haga, Vegard Byrkjeland Aasen, Torkjel Venjum, Emil Heggestad. Jo Bergesen & GoPro-kamera frå utøvarane.

For bruk av materiale kontakt bratt moro:



Submitted by Wojtek Kozakiewicz

Collage of powerful pictures shows Klaudia Buczek at her speed climbing training. Like a boxer she precisely studies the motion sequences so that she will be able to “run up” the wall in a breathtaking speed.

music: Airlock Holmes (​airlockholmes)

The North Face: Chad Expedition

Submitted by Brad

Mark Synnott, James Pearson and Alex Honnold travel to the Ennedi Desert of Chad, the first climbers to explore the remote landscape stacked with wild unclimbed towers.

Music in order of appearance:

Diagram Collective
Song: Ordway

Philip Sheppard
Song: Adrenaline Rusher

Jett Craze
drone sound FX

Computer Vs Banjo
Song: Give Up On Ghosts

Song: Cellar Door

Adam Parker
Song: K3​AdamParkerUK

Computer Vs Banjo
Song: San Joaquin

Song: Daily Routine

Green Button Music
Song: The Cave

Computer Vs Banjo
Song: Outer Space

Song: Pathways

Sasha DiGiulian. “Pure Imagination”

Submitted by: Paul Alexander:

Filmed and Edited by: 3SM
Music by: Emancipator (

On October 15th 2011, Adidas team athlete, Sasha DiGiulian became the first American women to climb the grade 9a (5.14d) with her historic ascent of “Pure Imagination” in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge. Keith Ladzinski and Andy Mann (Three Strings Media) were there to capture her efforts and tell her story.