Lines of Lofoten

We spent four weeks in the summer of 2012 building two lines in Lofoten, Norway; a dirt line and a big bike line. Our goal was to capture world-class riding in the untouched and unique nature around Lofoten. The fast shifting weather and continuous problems with getting the lines working left us with only a couple of days to complete the film.

This is a highlight clip featuring all the best action from the project.

Lines of Lofoten – a 5 episode web-series will be released shortly.

Riders: Kristoffer Haugland, Adrian Tell, Didrik Dege Dimmen, Niclas Andersen and Nico Vink
Project manager: Vegeir Selboe
Director: Niels Windfeldt
Producers: Andreas Braaten and Vegeir Selboe
Filmers: Andreas Luft Johannessen, Trond Hansen, Niels Windfeldt and Andreas Braaten
Grip/Drone: Daniell Khardi Ashby
Sound: Trond Hansen
Music: J Sigsworth
Builders: Kenneth Bøster Helgestad
Graphic Design: Dennis Magnus-Andresen
Crew: Andy Yeyo and Carl Joachim Leegaard

Seasons Of Shred #1 – Going Big in Japan

Submitted by Nicolas

After visiting Fukui Izumi resort one year prior to this trip there was no doubt we had to go back and spend more time there with the full crew. Subscribe To X-Treme Here:

With such awesome people and access to a full mountain with tons of resources it was definetely one of our favortie trips to date.

Filmed & Edited by Fabian Kluhs

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Tom van Steenbergen :: Rise

Submitted by Matt Butterworth/Eric Marciniak

Tom van Steenbergen :: Rise

Mehdi Gani and Rodolphe Legendre

Submitted by Max

“Here we are” is a new video project dedicated to Mehdi Gani and Rodolphe Legendre. Some episodes will be online during this summer. Stay tuned.
This is a short trailer, first episode dropping soon.

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Song: Lorn – ghosst