Scott Voltage Team – RAW part 1

Submitted by Max

lukas tielke

felix rosendahl, xavier pasamonte, john alm högman, martxel arribillaga, peter henke and timo pritzel

scott, sram, ergon, aclass, schwalbe

“Favorite Secrets” by Waylon Thornton
“Tripping” by Paul Lisak & After The Ice
“Atmopshere” by Wango

Through the mill

Submitted by sc00ter

Well that was hard work!

Whip Off Worlds

Submitted by Root Rider TV

Check the best whips in the world, slopers vs. racers. Brazilian revelation Bernardo Neves, take it home the title, with insane whips. 

Matt Hunter – 2012 Specialized Enduro

Submitted by Brad

Climbing or descending. Downhill or XC. Whistler or Moab. No matter the location or terrain, Enduros just like to rip it up. They’re happy climbing winding singletrack as long as it leads them to where they can fly—often literally—down a deep forest, North Shore-style trail. Five-foot drops, huge baby heads, and mossy log bridges, all satisfy their never-ending craving for All-Mountain terrain.