(E.O.F.T.) – Official Trailer 13/14

Submitted by Brad

Now it’s time for the E.O.F.T. 13/14! Get inspired with the full theatrical trailer and make sure that you get your ticket for the shows: http://www.eoft.eu/tickets

More films, exciting stories, outstanding characters. The E.O.F.T. 13/14 showcases nine extraordinary outdoor sports films and documentaries, which will be shown at each event. Coming soon to a cinema near you. Find out more: http://www.eoft.eu/programme-1314/


Written & composed by Dany Hericourt & Yoann Lemoine; Published by Moka Music/Les Editions du 22 Decembre (SACEM) & Seize Zero Trois (SACEM); Courtesy of Green United Music under exclusive license to Polydor/Island, a division of Universal Music GmbH and Zero.


How to Make a Sick Edit

You might know how to make a mountain bike film but do you know how to make a sick edit?

Created by Matt Dennison

The Rapha Continental: The Snowys

Submitted by Chas


The latest film from the Rapha Continental Australia was shot in the Snowy Mountains range, home to Mount Kosciuszko, the highest peak in Australia. Set to a haunting score and produced by The Sweetshop, The Snowys contrasts the traditional transport of the Aussie stockman, the horse, with the modern bicycle.

Directed by Joel Harmsworth
Edited by Michael Lutman (thebutchery.com.au)
Music by Rob Law (robthelaw.com.au/)
Produced by The Sweet Shop (thesweetshop.tv)

Ekstremsportveko 2012- BEST OF

Submitted by Max

Head of Today’s Video: Heidi K. Høyheim
Technical supervisor: Andreas Lykke
Photograph/editor: Anita J. Vedå, Martin Vadet, Andreas Johannessen, Adrien Nisan Shams, Eirik Skarstein, Ørjan Ommedal Halvorsen, Josh Neilson, Linn Mikkelborg, Eirik Hommedal, Stefan David Witts, Øystein Røen, Benjamin Kirkeby, Vegar Vedaa, Terje Nesthus, Marcio Franco, Tore F. Lie, Stian Borgersen, Håvard Nesbø, Jakub Sedivy, Einar Såkvitne, Sjur Holm, Marina Vieyra, Calle Huth, Lasse Moe, Petter Lahlum, Lucas Van Oostrum, Robin Van De Putte, Fred Reijsenbach De Haan, Bas Spaans, Evan Garcia, Anders Flatlandsmo, Fredrik Sjøblom Pettersen and Dag Dalvang.