The Tetons

A land largely unaffected by the progress of man, the Tetons Range and the surrounding areas are a pristine ecosystem inhabited by a vast diversity of wildlife spreading across multiple national parks. Uninhibited by foothills on the eastern side the range rises sharply and splits upper Wyoming and lower Idaho in two. On one side sits Jackson Hole, home to the legendary ski area and playground to outdoor junkies. On the other resides the Teton Valley: a landscape dotted with hay farms and the small rustic towns of eastern Idaho. Smack in the middle, off the pass that separates the two, lies some of the most progressive mountain bike trails in America. Local riders teaming with the Forest Service have created a network of trails designed and built specifically for riding. We explored both sides of the pass and rode varied terrain from purpose-built bike park features to backcountry singletrack, clinging to the edge of 10,000-foot peaks. The experience instilled a sense in us that the locals have got it figured out here, and the need for a satellite Yeti office in JH.

Presented by:

Cinematography By: Craig Grant & John Reynolds
Directed and Edited By: Craig Grant
Additional Timelapses By: Joey Schusler
Original Music: Seb Taylor
Sound Design: Keith White

Riders: Chris Van Dine and Joey Schusler

Many Thanks To:
Teton Freedom Riders

National Forest Service. *All required permits were obtained to film within the Bridger-Teton National Forest.


Finland – Land of the Midnight Sun

Submitted by Maxime

With stark differences between seasons, Finns are used to contrasts: the dark Arctic winters have their counterpart in one of the most iconic of Finnish natural phenomena, the Midnight Sun. This film is made for Visit Finland.

Production crew:
Original concept: Miikka Niemi
Producer: Juho Harjula
Director & DoP: Tuukka Kovasiipi
Cinematographer: Elias Markkula / 2KG ( )
Aerial cinematography: Ville Hyvönen / Helicam (
Editing: Antti Jääskeläinen
Sound design: Marko Nyberg / El Camino Helsinki
Music: Husky Rescue – Sunrider ( )
Color correction: Marko Terävä / Post Control ( )

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Dennis Enarson Profile

At only 20 years old, Dennis Enarson is at the forefront of nearly every aspect of BMX.

Insane street lines, huge contest wins, mind-blowing video parts–Dennis is on fire. Check out this video and understand why be walked away with 2 Number One Rider Awards from Ride BMX magazine last week.

Danny MacAskill – INSTANT

Scottish Trials Biker, Danny “Mad-Skills” MacAskill’s Segment from our latest feature film- INSTANT. This part was filmed in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France. The DVD is now available on our new on-line shop at