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InfinityList focus on hand selecting and creating action sports videos with a unique cinematic touch. We add 30+ new amazing videos every week and we don’t plan on stopping!

Stop searching all day!
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The best action sports videos.

We understand that it can be hard to find the quality you are looking for amongst the millions of videos uploaded to the web daily. We hand select 4–5 amazing videos everyday across all our 8 categories using highly trained, eagle eyed curators who prefer to watch video feeds over sleep.

This results in a site of only the best action sports videos, and a guaranteed viewing experience whatever you watch.

Inspire your creative side.

InfinityList aim to both entertain and educate in the realm of action sports video production. Whether being shot on a GoPro or a high-end Phantom Flex camera system, you will find that a great concept and execution is what will grant you attention on a world scale.

We appreciate creativity and ideas that stand out from the crowd – so if you have found or created something that you think is unique and entertaining then send it in and let the world see.

You decide.

Keep track of your favorites.

When you enjoy a video, click the Hype button! Doing this adds the video to your favorites collection ‘My Hyped Videos’ which is accessible to you once logging into the site. You also have your say on the skills, cinematography, editing or music, or share your thoughts with a comment. So make sure you don’t lose track of that awesome video by giving it a Hype!

See what’s popular.

Hyping a video is also counted as a vote towards its total Hypes. The most popular appear in the Most Hyped sections for the Week & Month. These are showcased on the homepage on InfinityList, and also within each category. Videos that are really something special earn a place in the Most Hyped of All Time.

InfinityList Productions

We love creating videos too.

InfinityList love to share the videos we find everyday, but equally we love creating original content that is a little left of centre. The key is creating content that is different and will get people talking. We enjoy working with athletes and film makers to bring ideas to reality.

Get in touch today.

Our clients include Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, Geckos Adventure & Casio. You can view some of our original productions here and contact us here in regards to a collaboration!

What we look for.

How do I get my video selected?

InfinityList has a dedicated curator who watches all the videos that go onto the site. Videos are selected based on several factors: their ability to entertain, if they have good storytelling, if they are well shot and edited, or offer a unique perspective on something. The great thing about this is that any film maker can get this right with a bit of time.

We look for skills, creativity, cinematography, editing, music.

Take the time to study the videos that are featured on InfinityList and figure out the elements that make it a good video. Generally if we lose interest for more than 20 seconds whilst watching a video we will not feature it – the idea is to provide content to people that is entertaining the whole way through. This way there is a guaranteed viewing experience for each and every video put onto the site.

Things to be careful of when creating content are title design, titles/credit duration, shaky footage, bad color grading, poor flow, quality/compression of video, duration (we prefer short and snappy), audio quality, shot framing and perspectives, slow spots (too much talking or boring filler shots just to add length to the video), and music selection (the music should work well with the visuals).

A cinematic experience.

Video is our heart.

InfinityList.com is focused on one thing – watching awesome videos – so we have crafted the experience around that.

Videos are shown in a massive player. Thumbnails are hand selected to show you the best moment from each clip. The surrounding design is easy on the eyes and minimal. The video slider gives you an endless run of videos to watch, on our homepage and in any of the categories. The video lightbox player lets you watch videos with no distractions. We try to keep advertising on the site unobtrusive to your viewing experience. We have purposely avoided using preroll. Video is the hero of InfinityList.

The Extra category.

This category is special because it covers videos that don’t fit into any sports or standard action sports category, but is full of the same sort of videos that our viewers will enjoy. It often showcases exceptional film making or storytelling, with timelapses, extreme slow motion, inspirational stories, natural wonders, viral campaigns, and experimental shorts. Along with the videos that make up the rest of the categories, the videos that live here are what inspire us to make our next production.

Extra content is a nice short break from all the action sport video content on the site. It is content that everybody will enjoy and appreciate!